Cardiology Unit of St. Theresa’s Hospital is committed to provide the best services in cardiac health care with comprehensive cardiology, cardiac diagnostics and cardiac rehabilitation services and programs. Throughout the years, diagnosis, and treatment of all cardiac ailments. Recognizing the importance of provide. St.Theresa’s Hospital is effective in treating the patients with cardiac illnesses and definitive treatment during cardiac emergencies, the Hospital has ventured into setting up a 5,500 sq. ft, ultra-modern, full-fledged Heart Centre comprising 14 Bedded CARDIAC ICU, Advanced Phillips Allura CATH LAB, and a well-equipped CARDIAC OPERATION THEATRE.

We have are treating at present all the walk-in patients with angiographies and angioplasty which are available round the clock at a reasonable rate.

Our mission is to be at the forefront of patient care by creating, applying and sharing the most advanced knowledge in health care.