Bio Medical Engineering

The Biomedical engineering department of St.Theresa’s Hospital yet to be started. All the medical equipments of the hospital are technically channelized through this department with engineering expertise. This department deals with maintenance and upkeep of variety of latest sophisticated equipments used by various specialties for patient care. The department is manned by a team of skilled and qualified biomedical engineers, led by a chief biomedical engineer.

The proliferation of electronic and associated equipment in all branches of clinical medicine demands that this department be available for ensuring its proper Use, Procurement, Maintenance and Validation.

Electrical :

We have one trained and experienced electrician and helper are in the department. As and when required electrical works, repairs and maintenance of generator will be done by them…


Plumbing and Carpentry

In St.Theresa’s Hospital there are trained and experienced plumbers and carpenters who does the work in the hospital according to  the requirement of the hospital.



  • Theresa’s hospital has highly qualified Dieticians who prescribe specific and therapeutic diets depending on medical condition of the patient.
  • A spacious and well maintained kitchen which supplies healthy and nutritious diet to patients as well as staff and DNB Students. Patients are served as per the prescribed diet.The timings are as follows:
  • Breakfast –
  • Tea / Milk –
  • Lunch – 12.30pm
  • Tea – 3pm
  • Dinner – 7pm
  • Milk – 9pm
  • Patients are provided meals in their respective rooms, while for visitors there is a cafeteria out side   the hospital premises.


House keeping

  • The rooms and wash rooms are cleaned twice daily with the recommended disinfectants by the infection control team, by our skilled Housekeeping staff under the expert supervision and guidance of their in charges.
  • Since a hygienic Environment is essential for your health. We maintain the standard as per NABH norm. Help us maintain our standards.
  • We take pride in serving you. Giving tips in any kind is strictly prohibited.


Laundry and Linen

  • In house laundry where clothes are washed to clinical perfection, bed linen are cleansed with prescribed disinfectant and soap solution, dried and ironed with no scope for infection.